Game Update 0.5

By Benj1

We’ve updated the mayors road building system, instead of just placing the road, piece by piece, we now use splines, which I think will yield a better player experience. Check below, the new system has a few rough edges, but in my opinion it’s got a lot more potential than the old system!

We’ve added the basic features of a procedurally generating world.

We’ve added a module to world generation, that will also generate the basic buildings, every town will start with.


A bug where player interactions wouldn’t work in third person has been fixed

A bug with the mayors build view has been fixed. This bug made it so the top-down camera view, would proceed moving around with the player cursor, even after leaving the view A bug where the prompt to buy a car would show the wrong text has been fixed

A bug where the player wouldn’t enter the car, when pressing F has been fixed

We also started working on Voice chat and admin tools