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studiobeans. the new gamestudio.

Together we are working on the Reallife RPG-game we've all been waiting for.

Unlike previous projects and studios we are trying to be as clear as possible.

Unreal Engine 5

We are currently using Epic's Unreal Engine 5 to maximise our productivity. UE5 gives us many options to save time creating our game.

Clear developement

We are trying to show as much as possible of the developement.
You even can submit your own ideas via our discord server, or start discussing about the game!

Small Team

Studiobeans currently only includes a small team, thats working day by day to get our dream working. You can help us by joining our team or donating.

Working everyday

To deliver the game we all are waiting for

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About Us

The begining

Studiobeans was funded by Benj1, the current Owner. 

If you want to help the team of Studiobeans feel free to contact Benj1 via discord.

Benj1 first developed the game alone. At the end of 2021, Ellon joined the team as a developer, to help Benj1. 

Every news about our Projects

From our blog

Game Updates

Gameupdates – Basically 1.0

Hey, we’ve been recently working on the game a lot. So this summarises the latest updates: From now on we will get back to posting here. We are very sorry for the few updates here…

Game Update 0.7

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I’ve created the first bit of the character creator! It’s still a bit rough, with skin colours not matching on the head and the body, and the different types of bodies…

Game Update 0.6

It’s time for another game update, this month the following updates have been made: I made a slight performance optimization to the map build system I’ve made a Discord webhook integration, an optional feature that…

Website Updates

New Website Update – Finally

Hey there! You might haven’t heard from me in a while… But I am back!  And I’ve been working on the website a bit 🙂  As you might have seen, I’ve played around with the colors and fonts.…

Website Bugfix #1

Hey there party people 😀 I am happy to announce that the in the discord bug-fix chat recently shared bugs have been fixed.    Special thanks to Snerax and JCF   Fixed: News posts unreadable on mobile Header…

Hello world!

Hello world! My name is Fjutcha and I am the webmaster of Studiobeans 🙂 Firstly I want to thank you for visiting our website. If you have any problems or ideas for this website feel free to contact…

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