Game Update 0.6

By Benj1

It’s time for another game update, this month the following updates have been made:

I made a slight performance optimization to the map build system

I’ve made a Discord webhook integration, an optional feature that all servers can enable. This will allow game servers to SEND messages to a discord server channel, of their own choice. The command for sending a message through this is /d [message].

I added a melee weapon (M9):goaMlady:

I’ve updated weapon switching, this means players now can switch between Guns, Melee weapons, and throwables.

I fixed a bug where game clients crash, when walking into a weapon purchase collider

I fixed a bug where players can start shooting in build mode (CTRL+B). Instead, I’ve made it so that if you enter build mode, you can keep shooting (In case a player somehow triggers it by accident)

I revamped the chat system and added player names to it. So now messages will pop-up as “Will J: How you doin’?”

I’ve updated spline roads, so you can add intersections to roads

I updated the existing house building system, to use a UI instead of the mouse wheel

And last, but absolutely not least, I’m happy to say, I’ve finished the first iteration of the house building system. This can already be seen along side some of our custom models, made by gameluencer here:

For more info visit our discord: